Heating Solutions

If you plan to hold an outdoor event in the spring or autumn, there are never any guarantees that the weather will be on your side. Our cheap marquee hire, available throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey and the UK, provides a safe, dry environment for your event but if it’s still a little on the cold side, your guest may choose to leave the party long before the end of the evening.

Brooks Marquee Hire has a choice of heating solutions available to warm up anything from a basic marquee to a collection of modular structures in any length. Customers can choose from direct gas blowers or our selection of indirect heaters with their own thermostats and ducting. We also supply patio heater for outdoor use that provide warmth late into the spring and summer evenings.

  • Direct Gas Blower (w/o Gas)
  • Indirect Heater with Thermostat and Ducting (w/o Fuel)
  • Patio Heaters

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