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Winter Marquee Hire
in Ashford for Your Team Christmas Party

Are you looking for a unique venue for your office or team Christmas party in the Ashford area? Then why not consider winter marquee hire? Designed to your specifications and incorporating effective heating solutions, our marquees are perfect for creating a memorable evening your team won’t stop talking about. We even offer the option of long-term marquee hire, so you can continue to use the space after your event and into the new year. This could be ideal if you need some temporary extra storage or space for a conference/company-wide meeting after the Christmas period.

With a marquee, you have control over all aspects of your evening, from the furniture and theme to the catering, entertainment and finishing time. This presents an advantage over indoor venues which often have limited choices and need you to leave by a certain time.

Brooks Marquee Hire can also meet other needs for businesses in the South East, such as marquee hire to solve commercial space issues.


A Party at Your Commercial Property

One benefit of winter marquee hire is that you can host the evening at your office or other premises, which is often most convenient for employees. Car parks, lawns and grounds in Ashford make excellent spaces for marquees, and you don’t need to worry about the surroundings because we will transform the space into a stunning venue. 

It may even be possible to build a marquee inside if you have a large empty space which is suitable, such as a warehouse. 

However, if you definitely do not have room for short- or long-term marquee hire, you can always hire or borrow a space, such as a field or woodland clearing. Properties such as hotels and manor houses also often have suitable space.

Create a Buzz

When you opt for winter marquee hire on your Ashford grounds, you will help create a buzz amongst employees which gets everyone excited for the event. This is because they can see the venue being created and will be wondering what it is like inside, adding a sense of mystery to the lead-up.

Furthermore, the wide range of options we offer allows you to customise your marquee to your audience, making the interior as extravagant and magical as you want. This is sure to elicit an amazed response from guests as they enter.

Your Perfect Party Venue

Many people think marquees are only for the warmer months, but this is far from the truth. Our heated winter marquees provide warm, comfortable venues for all kinds of uses, including unforgettable Christmas parties. The supporting products are a vital part of executing your perfect event and luckily Brooks Marquee Hire provides everything you need.

We offer an endless range of options for both short- and long-term marquee hire in Ashford, Surrey, Kent and surrounds, including:
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Get in touch with Brooks Marquee Hire on 0800 783 7089 for winter marquee hire in Ashford and the South East.

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