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Long-Term Marquee Hire in Bromley
All-Season Spaces

Customers come to us needing marquees for a broad range of uses, from parties and weddings to commercial storage, pop-up cafés and festive requirements. Brooks Marquee Hire provides solutions for pretty much any scenario, at all times of year. We offer both short- and long-term marquee hire, including winter marquee hire, with options to suit all seasons and expected weathers. Below, we provide more information on seasonal adaptations available for our clients in Bromley and across Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

Brooks Marquee Hire Ltd works with you to design your marquee around your exact needs. As well as the marquee itself, we provide a comprehensive range of supporting products/features to ensure your setup delivers ideal solutions the entire time you have it.


Temperature Control

With various options for managing the temperature inside marquees, they are suitable for use in the coldest and warmest weather conditions. For late spring and summer use, we recommended marquees with roll-up walls which you can open to let a cool breeze through the space, or close in chillier/rainy weather. We also offer ceiling-hanging and floor-level fans.

When it comes to winter marquee hire in Bromley, we provide direct and indirect heating solutions to keep the space warm. Our indirect heaters even have thermostat controls for maximum temperature management.


Whether you need long-term marquee hire or a marquee for a day, in the UK you always need to be prepared for rain. All our marquees withstand rain and roll-up walls help protect against spring/summer downpours while still giving you the option of opening up the space.

Certain flooring options are more suitable if wet weather is expected, preventing wet and muddy interiors. If hosting an event in Bromley or elsewhere in the South East, it is also a clever idea to provide umbrellas for guests when they need to go outside the marquee.


Lighting your marquee requires careful consideration to create the right atmosphere while providing plenty of light for guests/customers/visitors/staff to see what they are doing. You will also need more lighting if using the space in the evening or during the winter, or if the sky becomes overcast.

Brooks Marquee Hire offers lighting solutions for inside and outside your marquee and can advise on the best type for your requirements. We have functional and decorative options available to suit all seasons and marquee uses, including chandeliers, pendant lights, uplighters, strip lights and floodlights.

All Applications

With the above weather solutions, and more, we are proud to offer effective spring, summer, autumn and winter marquee hire in Bromley and all the surrounding areas. Our services are also ideal for long-term marquee hire which spans multiple seasons.

The following are just some ways to use our all-weather marquees:
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