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Winter Marquee Hire
in Canterbury for all Festive Requirements

Do you need a temporary venue, business space or storage area over the Christmas period, or even longer? A marquee could be the convenient, cost-effective solution you have been looking for. Our company provides winter marquee hire for an extensive range of needs, allowing domestic and commercial customers in Canterbury and surrounds to enjoy the benefits of bespoke, heated spaces. Offering everything from daily and weekly to long-term marquee hire, we ensure you have the perfect space for as long as you need it.

Whether you’re marking the festivities with a lavish Christmas party or running a seasonal business, Brooks Marquee Hire is ready to help. The following are some common uses for our marquees during the winter:


Ice Rinks

Temporary ice rinks are massive attractions throughout the UK and for many are an essential festive activity. To ensure guests get the perfect experience, you need an inviting setting which shields them from the elements. This is where winter marquee hire comes in.

With suitable hard flooring, a range of lighting options, and more, we deliver comfortable, inviting environments which families, couples, friends, adults and children in Canterbury will want to return to.

Seasonal Hospitality/Business

Are you running a pop-up shop or café over winter? Perhaps you need to temporarily expand your business to accommodate the busier season? Whatever your hospitality or business needs, a marquee could be the ideal solution. Our long-term marquee hire provides the exact space you require for the whole season, and even longer if needs be.

Brooks Marquee Hire can take care of everything necessary to ensure customer comfort and optimal business operations, from furniture hire to flooring and heating solutions.

Weddings and Parties

If you are planning a gorgeous winter wedding in Canterbury and need a stunning, unique reception venue, we recommend winter marquee hire. This is also an excellent option for Christmas and New Year’s parties. With our services, you don’t have to worry about struggling to find an available venue, plus our bespoke packages ensure you get exactly what you want.

Heating controlled by a thermostat allows you to keep guests comfortable, but there is so much more Brooks Marquee Hire can offer, including dance floors, chiller trailers, interior linings, decorative lighting and bar hire.

Corporate Events

Winter marquees are also suitable for office parties, awards ceremonies and other corporate events. Our supporting accessories, such as stage units and lighting and furniture hire, allow you to create your desired atmosphere and ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

We can erect marquees in the car park or grounds of your property, or you can find another suitable location in Canterbury or any of the surrounding areas.

Winter Fairs

Winter fairs and markets are incredibly popular, but the unpredictable British weather can cause issues. So, why not put your fair or market inside a marquee? Winter marquee hire provides a warm, sheltered space for people to browse stalls at leisure and really enjoy the experience. 

Furthermore, if you run different fairs throughout the year, you can make use of our long-term marquee hire. This will mean you won’t have the hassle of arranging marquee hire for every event.
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