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Minimising Weather Disruption at Your Marquee Event

Are you looking at party, corporate or wedding marquee options to provide the centrepiece for your event in Canterbury? As your marquee company, Brooks Marquee Hire provides specialist services backed by years of industry experience. With our expertise, we deliver a fully bespoke event marquee solution, from the flooring, lighting and heating to the marquee furniture, stage and interior marquee items. One thing we have less control over, however, is the weather.

But we provide plenty of options to help keep weather-related disruption to a minimum. Our marquee company has a proven record for successfully planning, erecting and dismantling event marquees year-round. We play our part in delivering a range of fantastic events, be they in Canterbury or any other location.

Below, we have offered some advice on how to manage the most common issues that come with our changeable weather. With the right preparation – and most suitable marquee hire options – your event can continue as planned in practically every condition.

Tips for Managing Weather Conditions


Make Use of Roll-up Walls

Imagine having a wedding marquee in the height of summer. The exterior materials will soak up the sun’s rays. In next to no time, the temperature inside the marquee will rise and your guests will become hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.

This is why roll-up walls for summer event marquees are as essential as any other feature, be it the marquee furniture or the interior decoration. By rolling up the walls, you allow a cooling breeze to pass through the marquee, keeping the temperature steady.

Of course, if the weather in Canterbury turns again, you can roll the walls back down. Whether it’s heat, cold, wind or rain – our marquee company has got you covered.

Add Some Fans

Another way to reduce the heat inside a wedding marquee, or any other kind of event marquee, is to add a few fans. On especially hot days, rolling up the walls may not have the desired effect. With fans hanging from the ceiling, as well as those on ground level if needed, you receive some very welcome air conditioning.

Guests always appreciate this extra precaution, particularly those dressed up for special occasions. Brooks Marquee Hire uses years of know-how to make fans as conspicuous as possible. They won’t detract from your carefully chosen interior design and marquee furniture.

Prepare for Rain

We’re all used to the rain by now. Our marquee company certainly is. While it’s never surprising, it can still cause disruption to outside events in Canterbury and the surrounding areas. Your event marquee is perfectly suited to withstand downpours, so the inside isn’t a huge concern. However, your guests won’t spend all their time inside the marquee. At the very least, they’ll need to go outside to use the toilets.

You don’t want them to come back looking like they’ve been rescued from sea – and nor will they. An effective, simple solution is to provide umbrellas at the access points. Ideally, you will have an established pathway to and from your event, party or wedding marquee. If you’re based in a more rural setting, however, you will need to find a flooring solution to avoid wet and muddy interiors and marquee furniture.

Artificial Heat

Our marquee company also caters for events in the middle of winter too. A ‘winter wonderland’ theme makes a popular choice for all manner of event marquees, from Christmas and New Year parties to sparkling wedding marquees.

To combat the chilly temperatures Brooks Marquee Hire provides various heating solutions. Even if the weather outside is frightful, your guests in Canterbury will be comfortable.
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