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Summer and Winter Marquee Hire in Cranbrook
Where to Put Your Marquee

Marquees are extremely flexible venues but whatever you need a marquee for, it is important to think about where it will go. Proper planning for short- and long-term marquee hire will ensure the placement supports your event and avoids any practical or stability issues. With over 13 years of experience, the team at Brooks Marquee Hire Ltd knows exactly what to consider, helping customers in Cranbrook and across the South East host successful weddings, parties and events. We also fulfil various commercial requirements. 

Our company provides solutions for all seasons, including winter marquee hire. No matter what time of year you require a marquee, this guide will help you achieve the most effective placement:


The Site

There are many options for where you can put a marquee. If you have the space, it can go in your garden or grounds. Alternatively, you may have family, friends or neighbours with a space you can use. Another option is to hire a marquee-friendly venue, such as a field or space at a hotel or stately home in the Cranbrook area

Holding your event on private land owned by you or someone you know will save money but is not always possible. When choosing a venue for summer or winter marquee hire, you must consider:

Practical Considerations

The best location, as well as the specifics of your marquee, depend on various factors regarding your event. Brooks Marquee Hire helps customers in Cranbrook and across Kent, Surrey and Sussex, determine ideal features and marquee placement. We do this by considering your wants and needs alongside practical requirements. 

For example:
It is also important to consider the time of year. Winter marquee hire often calls for hard flooring to prevent moisture coming through and if you place your marquee on grass, guests may get wet and muddy shoes.

You should also think about how long you need a marquee for. We cater to all kinds of day and evening events in Cranbrook, but you may require long-term marquee hire. If the marquee will be up for an extended period, make sure it will not be in the way.
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