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Short- and Long-Term Marquee Hire in Orpington
Health and Safety

At Brooks Marquee Hire Ltd, we are committed to providing services and structures which meet the highest standards of health and safety. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides guidance on the planning, building, dismantling and use of temporary demountable structures (TDS), which covers marquees. When providing short- to long-term marquee hire in Orpington and elsewhere across the South East, our team does everything possible to maintain safe environments.

This page provides information on how we achieve optimal levels of health and safety at all stages of the marquee hire process, whether you require winter marquee hire or services at any other time of year. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with our team.

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The following are some of the key factors which go into planning a safe and effective marquee venue:

Building and Dismantling Marquees

Our contractors follow safe and best working practices to maintain health and safety throughout the building and dismantling processes. This includes following agreed designs, ensuring sufficient time and resources, and checking the structure on completion. We also make sure our staff are competent and have suitable training.

Because Brooks Marquee Hire also supplies supporting products, our marquee construction and dismantling services include the safe set up of stage units, lighting, flooring, linings and other additional products. For winter marquee hire in Orpington and surrounds, this also covers heating solutions.

During Use

For the ongoing safety of our customers and their guests/customers/anyone using the space, we take steps to ensure our marquees remain safe the entire time they are up. Whether you need short-term marquee hire or long-term marquee hire, you have peace of mind in our structures.

Among other things, safety during use involves:
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For long-term marquee hire in Orpington and all the surrounding areas, call 0800 783 7089.

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