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4 Points to Consider Before Starting Your Marquee Hire Service

Are you searching options for a reputable marquee company serving Orpington? It’s likely that finding the perfect event marquee hire service is one of many items on your to-do list. For example, if you’re in need of a wedding marquee, you’ve got an entire ceremony to organise. If you’re coordinating a birthday, anniversary or engagement party, you’ve got to send invitations, book your entertainment and arrange the catering.

Be it the marquee furniture, interior linings or lighting, Brooks Marquee Hire is here to help. We don’t simply put up your event marquee and leave. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to play our part in delivering a wedding reception, party or corporate event that lives long in the memory.

With our expertise in your corner, you have several less things to worry about. To ensure your service is as smooth and stress-free as your Orpington event, we have listed below some of the key points to consider before contacting our marquee company.

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Marquee Hire | Key Considerations


Type of Surface

From the outset, it’s important to know what type of surface you plan to put your event marquee on. This information is vital because it can affect your budget. A reduced budget might mean less money to spend on marquee furniture and entertainment. It’s much easier – and often more cost-effective – to erect a party or wedding marquee on grass rather than a hardstanding surface.

For Orpington sites with grass, we simply drive the stakes into the ground. For hardstanding environments, we usually need to use concrete blocks or water weights.

Number of Guests

As your marquee company, we can only make recommendations if we know how many people your event marquee will hold. Needless to say, the more guests you invite, the larger your installation needs to be. The ratio of seated and/or standing guests is also something we need to consider – not just for the marquee itself but the marquee furniture too.

Of course, Brooks Marquee Hire recognises the personal nature of your project. This is why we always strive to offer the most flexible solution possible.

Access Needs

Access at your Orpington site has an impact on everyone involved in, or attending, your event. This includes our marquee company, your suppliers and vendors and your guests. Do you have enough space for towing vehicles, or larger vehicles in general? What is the distance between your party or wedding marquee and the main parking area?

The answers to these and similar questions will affect how long it takes to get to your event marquee. Poor access also increases the set-up time too.

The Lay of the Land

While it may sound obvious, it’s far easier and more beneficial to erect party and wedding marquees on flat, even land. If your site is uneven or sloping, it can make marquee furniture like tables and chairs, as well as the dancefloor, unstable.

However, our marquee company has worked on a wide range of terrains, so we are adept at finding effective solutions.

The above points are only 4 of many considerations you should think over before your event marquee hire service in Orpington. You should also consider site obstacles like water pipes, drainage features and telephone lines, what extra hire options you need, and how much power you require to keep your lighting, band, DJ or PA system fully operational.
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Call Brooks Marquee Hire on 0800 783 7089 to schedule an initial consultation with a member of our marquee company. We happily visit sites across Orpington.

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