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Long-Term Marquee Hire in Sevenoaks
Achieving the Perfect Layout

Whether you’re hiring a marquee to use as a business or hospitality space, or for a party or wedding in Sevenoaks, the layout is crucial. Thoughtful planning will ensure the space works efficiently while delivering maximum comfort. But where do you start? At Brooks Marquee Hire Ltd, we work with you to design the perfect venue and on this page, we outline some of the main factors to consider. The following advice is relevant for short- and long-term marquee hire, including winter marquee hire. You may also be interested in a breakdown of our marquee hire process.

The first thing to mention is that you are in control. While our team provides advice and support, the specifics of your marquee are ultimately your decision. We also like to remind customers to focus on what they are using a marquee for – this will help you make the right choices for your needs. We cater to all requirements, providing all-season spaces.


Allocating Space

When it comes to space, you initially need to decide how big you need your marquee in Sevenoaks to be. Think about everything that needs to go in the space (chairs, other furniture, stage, decorations, bar, catering etc.), and everyone who will be using it. You want to make sure there is plenty of room without it feeling cramped or too spacious/empty.

To achieve optimal use of space, it is effective to section the marquee into different areas. For example:
Consider the best placement of different areas in relation to the marquee entrance and each other. This will help create a nice flow, preventing spaces from feeling disjointed.

Top Considerations

To help our clients in Sevenoaks get the most from our marquees, we take into account all personal requirements and individual settings. Our tailored consultation and marquee design services ensure you get everything you need to create your perfect venue or business space.

In addition to space and flow, some of the key factors we consider are:


What time of year will you be using the marquee? Winter marquee hire calls for heating to keep everyone warm and comfortable. On the other hand, summer marquee hire benefits from cooling fans. Think about the placement of such features for optimal comfort. For example, ceiling fans above dance floors in summer are ideal, while heaters surrounding seated areas are best for winter.


For marquees which will be used during the day, it is important to think about where the best views are from the marquee, and place windows accordingly. Table and reception areas benefit most from beautiful views.

Long-Term Marquee Hire

If you require a marquee in Sevenoaks for an extended period of time, you must think about how the structure will interact with nearby buildings/access over time, and how the interior layout will work in the long term. For example, if you will need to adapt the layout/features, it is best to opt for easily movable products and a versatile marquee shape.

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For long-term marquee hire in Sevenoaks and all Kent locations, call 0800 783 7089.

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