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Winter Marquee Hire in Tonbridge
The Process

When looking to hire a marquee, you no doubt want to know what to expect. That’s why Brooks Marquee Hire Ltd has produced this guide. We explain the initial stages to hiring a marquee as well as the process for setting up these temporary structures. Of course, the specifics of individual short- and long-term marquee hire packages will affect this process, but the following is a general overview applicable to all clients in Tonbridge, across Kent and in the neighbouring counties.

Remember, our company provides marquees for any circumstance, including commercial and winter marquee hire.


Initial Contact and Site Visit

The first step is to get in touch with our friendly team to briefly discuss your needs and arrange a site visit. We visit your proposed marquee site to assess the space and determine suitable solutions. Some of the things we look at include ground surface, boundaries and access.

We also take this opportunity to talk through your requirements in more detail and provide expert advice. Following the visit, we produce an accurate, no-obligation quotation which you are free to mull over and compare to quotes from other companies.

Marquee Specification

We provide a bespoke service for every client in Tonbridge and the surrounding areas. We work with you to determine the specifics of your marquee, including any supporting products and accessories you may need to create your perfect venue.

Key factors are:

Planning Permission

Some marquees will require planning permission. This generally applies to larger marquees (floorspace of more than 100m² and/or over 5m tall), structures which will be up for more than 28 days, and those which are an extension of an existing building and are taller than the building, more than 25% its size and/or being used for a different purpose.

We advise our Tonbridge customers that if planning permission is needed, the process needs to be initiated 8-12 weeks before marquee construction.


On the agreed date, we arrive on time to begin erecting your marquee to your specifications. We provide all necessary components and any additional products you have chosen to hire from us. Our team erects the walls and roof, sets up interior features such as linings, flooring and heating for winter marquee hire, then undertakes a final inspection and handover.

The time it takes to construct your marquee depends on its size and complexity, but typically ranges from 1-3 days.

Maintenance and Deconstruction

If you opt for long-term marquee hire in Tonbridge, your structure may need some maintenance while it is up. This can include exterior cleaning, repairs for damage caused by bad weather, and inspections to ensure the ongoing safety of the structure.

When you no longer need the marquee, we come to deconstruct it and take everything away.
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