Winter Marquee Hire
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Winter Marquee Hire
in Woldingham, Bromley and Across Kent, Surrey and Sussex

If you are planning a winter event, Brooks Marquee Hire Ltd can provide everything you need to create a comfortable venue. With many years of experience designing, organising and delivering stunning winter and Christmas venues, our team ensures the perfect space for your event, be it a party, birthday, wedding or commercial event. Our winter marquee hire includes a choice of different heating systems and basic training so you can control the temperature, resulting in optimal comfort.

Winter marquees from Brooks Marquee Hire are available to domestic and commercial customers in Ashford, Bromley, Canterbury, Cranbrook, Maidstone, Orpington, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Woldingham and across Kent, Sussex and Surrey. We can also offer nationwide services.

As well as short-term and long-term marquees, we supply interior linings, flooring, bars and other products to make your event a success.


Bespoke Winter Marquees

We understand that every client and event is different, which is why we tailor marquees and packages to the individual. We offer marquees in a range of widths, with the modular design allowing extension to any length.

On top of the marquee itself, we provide supporting products, accessories and interiors to make the space as comfortable as an indoor venue. This includes hard flooring which protects grass and stops moisture coming through – a must for any winter event. 

Please visit our gallery to see examples of what we do.


Effective heating is an essential aspect of winter marquee hire. We have a variety of heating systems available to suit all event types, so you know your guests will be warm and dry. Options include patio heaters, direct gas blowers and indirect heaters with thermostats and ducting.

These options provide safe and effective heating throughout the day and night, no matter when your event is due to take place in the winter season. The range of heating solutions we offer even makes our winter marquees ideal for spring and late summer events.

Whichever heating option you choose, our team will teach you how to use it so you have complete control and can ensure ongoing safety. Furthermore, for efficient heating, we can combine heaters with flooring and interior linings which add an extra layer of insulation.

Thermostatically Controlled Indirect Heating

For the coldest winter days/evenings, we recommend our indirect heating systems. Powered by kerosene or diesel, these units are located outside of the marquee, with vents integrated into the marquee design for a subtle, unobtrusive look. Our clients can control these heaters with a thermostat, making it easy to adjust the temperature as needed.

All features of our winter marquee hire service are available to customers in Ashford, Bromley, Canterbury, Cranbrook, Maidstone, Orpington, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Woldingham and all locations in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and the South East.
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For winter marquee hire in Woldingham, Bromley and the surrounding areas, call Brooks Marquee Hire Ltd on 0800 783 7089.

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