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Long-Term Marquee Hire in Woldingham
Should You Hire or Buy?

When you need a temporary structure, you have two options; hire from a reputable company or buy your own marquee. In most cases, hiring is the more beneficial option, but we are here to help you make the right decision for you. At Brooks Marquee Hire Ltd, we have a range of options to suit one-off events and seasonal requirements, including winter marquee hire. We also offer long-term marquee hire to suit extensive commercial needs in Woldingham and all the surrounding Surrey, Kent and Sussex areas.

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing between hiring and buying a marquee, and we hope this guide will make the decision a bit easier. Here’s what you need to think about:


Length/Amount of Use

How long do you need a marquee for? If you are planning a one-off event such as a wedding, party or conference, hiring a marquee is the cost-effective and convenient solution. However, if you intend to hold multiple events throughout the year/years, you may prefer to buy because this will mean you have a venue ready to go at all times.

Short-term and long-term marquee hire options make hiring possible for all domestic and commercial requirements in Woldingham, from storage to educational spaces and seasonal businesses. If you need a temporary space for more than two years, buying a marquee could be cheaper in the long run, but you will be responsible for upkeep.

Maintenance and Storage

Do you want to be responsible for maintaining a marquee and do you have space to store it? Whether you choose long-term, short-term, summer or winter marquee hire, cleaning and maintenance is covered by the marquee company. We keep all marquees in excellent condition and completely safe. We also take away marquees and supporting products when you are done with them, so you don’t have to worry about storage.

On the other hand, if you choose to buy a marquee, all maintenance and storage requirements fall on you.


At Brooks Marquee Hire, we ensure every marquee we supply in Woldingham and the South East meets the highest health and safety standards. This includes all construction and deconstruction services. However, if you buy a marquee, you will be responsible for erecting it and taking it down safely as well as keeping it safe while it is up.

For this reason, we find that marquee hire is the better option for customers who want guaranteed safety. Commercial clients requiring long-term marquee hire may find this especially beneficial.


A considerable advantage of hiring from Brooks is that we have everything you need in one place. When you buy a marquee, you will still have to source all the additional elements you need for your Woldingham event or other marquee use. This may involve going through multiple providers and stressful organisation, plus you run the risk of overlooking things.

With us, you don’t just get the marquee. You also enjoy professional advice and organisation, with an extensive choice of supporting products ranging from heating for winter marquee hire to lighting, flooring, bar hire and furniture hire.
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For short- and long-term marquee hire in Woldingham and the surrounding areas, please call 0800 783 7089.

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